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Highbridge Flow Jam @ Highbridge Park Kicks off Outdoorfest NYC 2016

8 August 2016 No Comment

Outdoorfest 061116 @ HB 3696

Highbridge Flow Jam Kicks off Outdoorfest NYC 2016

NYCMTB/IMBA participated in this citywide event in early June, with an activation at Highbridge Bike Park on the 11th with BMX and MTB skills clinics, bike demos and guided rides.


NYCMTB Board Member Al Cayne led an hour-long class on pumptrack and BMX fundamentals, and each of the twenty participants got a chance to test out their new skills on the newly built pumptracks on demo BMX bikes provided by event sponsors,Sugar Cayne Bike Fest, and Brooklyn Bike Park.


Following the demonstration, Chapter president, and PMBIA Certified instructor Christopher Trombley and GWHSMTB program director Ben Sadoff, led guided mountain bike rides around the speedway loop on bikes provided by the H.S. MTB Program.


All but a few riders were new to off-road cycling, and so the diversity of skills they learned that day earned them quite a few smiles, and us -a few new memberships!


Huge thanks to Tony, Mark, and all of the emergency crews from NYRP that disassembled the tangle of five trees that fell over the restoration site and the speedway loop -just four days before the event. We are truly grateful for your support!


Outdoorfest is an annual event that connects urban dwellers to local outdoor resources, encouraging healthier, active, and more adventurous lifestyles.
Learn more at; http://www.outdoorfest.com/
For more information contact al@nycmtb.com


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