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Deloitte IMPACT Corporate Volunteer Service Day @ Highbridge Park

8 August 2016 No Comment

Deloitte IMPACT Corporate Volunteer Service Day Recap

On a cool morning in early June, 32 volunteers from Deloitte and NYCMTB gathered at the Highbridge trailhead and pulled together a fantastic demonstration of teamwork to complete some outstanding maintenance projects. With great prizes on the line from REI, the teams battled it out for the win during one of the most memorable corporate work days we’ve ever hosted.


NYCMTB’s Ourtdoorfest activation was scheduled for the following morning, and with many trails still blocked by debris from recently fallen trees, the task was a monumental challenge.


The day started with a project briefing by chapter President Christopher Trombley, who led the group with Deloitte project lead Richard Liu. The volunteers were divided into three groups and each was assigned a task corresponding to that group’s assigned level of difficulty. Each team truly rose to the occasion, with the Medium difficulty (Blue) team taking the top prizes -Day Hiker First Aid Kits for swift completion of their initial task, and then completing two additional tasks.


Blue team moved a 10 yard pile of cut up tree debris over 150’ for curbside removal, then did rock armoring and debris removal on a 200’ stretch of the Wonderwall trail -even pushing a few three ton logs off of the trail tread. The Black Team restored the big banked turn on Hessian Hill, filling in the deep erosion rut with clay quarried from an adjacent location, while the green team picked 22 bags of trash from speedway, wonderwall and hessian hill -all the way down through the skills loop.


In traditional NYCMTB Style, No one walked away empty handed, as patch kits from REI were gifted to all volunteers who participated that day.


2016 Deloitte IMPACT Day at Highbridge Bike Park by the numbers;
32 Volunteers
160 hours of volunteer effort
22 bags of trash picked up (Green Team)
15 yards of fallen tree debris moved a distance of 150’ (Blue Team)
80 feet of badly eroded trail restored with 1 yard of clay (Black Team)
8 tons of logs moved (Blue Team)
200’ of trail cleared of debris (Blue Team)


Impact Day is a celebration of Deloitte’s year-round commitment to local communities. Member firms around the world host Impact Day activities where Deloitte professionals spend the day volunteering. Learn More at; http://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/about-deloitte/articles/impact-day.html
For more information contact; christopher@nycmtb.com

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