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Ninham Multiple Use Area

1 January 2008 No Comment

Blue Mountain trail map

Location: Carmel, Putnam County, NY
Length: Approx. 15-20 miles
Difficulty: 20% beginner, 20% intermediate, 60% expert
Description: Ninham is a fairly long drive from the city, but it’s worth the trip, even with the high price of gas. Once you ride there, you’ll become addicted and will have to go back every chance you get. Ninham puts the “stunt” in cross-stuntry, and busy trailbuilders have fashioned trails to challenge the best technical riders around. Super-steep rollers, drops from 2’ to 12+, uber-technical slickrock climbs, log-rides galore, and even a few pieces of creative construction (read into that as you will) get the adrenalin flowing and keep riders constantly on point. You don’t have to be a freerider to love Ninham- in fact, there’s a bit too much pedaling involved for a lot of freeriders, as you have to earn your turns and find them gems deep back in the woods. You’ll often find mixed groups having a great time- the XC racers have miles and miles of trails, and tons of technical climbing to sharpen up with, while the cross-stuntry crew has a plethora of options for stopping and playing. Ninham MUA straddles Gypsy Trail Road, with trails on both sides of the road. Big bikes might want to pedal up the paved then dirt road which leads to the top of Mt. Ninham (there are a couple trails that head down from the top). XC’ers might want to climb the trail, and enjoy a 600 foot vertical steep and technical climb. On the parking lot side of Ninham, ride the road that continues from the entrance, straight back into the trails that bear left, then cross the earthen dam that holds back the small reservoir, and head up the fire road until it starts to make a sharp turn, and you’ll find good trails to your right. Take a map, or preferably a GPS, as it’s easy to get lost back there.
Directions: By Car- From the Taconic Parkway, exit at Peekskill Hollow Road (be careful, it’s a very short exit with little room to slow down). Take a right at the stop sign on Peekskill Hollow Road, and continue until it dead-ends into 301 at the reservoir. Turn right on 301, then left on Gypsy Trail Road (right before the long 2-lane bridge across the reservoir). Pass the entrance to the public park around the big “S” turn, and look for a small parking lot on your right about a half-mile down. Drive time is approximately an hour and twenty minutes from NYC. By public transportation- Ninham is a tough one to get to via public transportation. While it can and has been done (Metro-North Harlem line to the Southeast station), it’s a 6 mile ride over a lot of difficult hills and a long two-lane bridge with no shoulder across a reservoir. Not for the faint of heart.


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