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Weekend Wrap June 20-21

22 June 2009 No Comment
NYCMTB-Peak Bikes team members Bill Cullen, Georges Rouan, Luis Rivera, Daniel Ingerdal and Stephane Courtois post-race

NYCMTB-Peak Bikes team members Bill Cullen, Georges Rouan, Luis Rivera, Daniel Ingerdal and Stephane Courtois post-race

Conditions could not be worse for riding this past weekend, with biblical rain in the week preceding and heavy rain Saturday night. Still, riders soldiered on with the Darkhorse Gallop race at Stewart on Sunday and a Father’s Day trip to Diablo Freeride Park…

Darkhorse Gallop

The NYCMTB-Peak Bikes team braved the mud and muck (and standing water, and water running down the trails) for some hard-fought wins and podiums! In Cat 1, Al “Seabeast” Siebert continued his winning streak with another commanding performance in the Cat 1 30-39 class. In the Cat 2’s, Bill Cullen showed just how handling skills added to solid fitness can  lead to the win in Men 19-29 (or maybe it was his new-ish 29er?). Daniel Ingerdal pulled out a 3rd place spot on a borrowed fully rigid bike in the Men’s singlespeed class. Pablo Toribio took 4th in Men 40-44 on his new 29er hardtail. Luis Rivera grabbed 5th place in Men 30-34 with a very fast 1:40:30, chalking it up to his specially-purchased mud tires. Stephan Courtois pulled out 6th in Mens SS, Matt Hill finished 9th in Men 35-39, and Georges Rouan rounded it up with 14th in Men SS. Good show from the entire team, suffering through some of the worst race conditions in recent memory with solid results!


Al Siebert- 1st, Cat 1 Men 30-39, 2:05:39
Bill Cullen- 1st, Cat 2 Men 19-29, 1:30:51
Daniel Ingerdal- 3rd, Cat 2 Men SS, 1:32:58
Stephane Courtois- 6th, Cat 2 Men SS, 1:37:03
Luis Rivera- 5th, Cat 2 Men 30-34, 1:40:30
Pablo Toribio- 4th, Cat 2 Men 40-44, 1:43:03
Georges Rouan- 14th, Cat 2 Men SS, 1:43:24
Matt Hill- 9th, Cat 2 Men 35-39, 1:53:25


Daniel Ingerdal post-race

Daniel Ingerdal post-race (photo courtesy Daniel Ingerdal)

Seabeast on the trail

Seabeast on the trail (photo courtesy Daniel Ingerdal)

Al Seabeast Siebert and Nate The Nail Kraxberger

Al "Seabeast" Siebert and Nate "The Nail" Kraxberger (photo courtesy Daniel Ingerdal)

More photos from GTLuke here.

Full results HERE.

Note- The Darkhorse Cycles guys perform heavy maintenance on the trails at Stewart and, of course, will repair the damage to trails caused by the race. Please do not ride muddy trails on your own!

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Diablo Freeride Father’s Day Ride

Inspired by sloppy conditions at the Maribor World Cup round this weekend, Andrew, Paul and I took off for some mud-ridden freeride action at Diablo. It was, unsurprisingly, a quiet day at the park, with no more than 10 riders in the entire park all day long. And while a number of trails were closed to protect recent trail work from wet weather damage, favorites like Tempest, Salvation, Asylum, Twist and the Jack provided plenty of sketchy, shorts-soiling fun.

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