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NYCMTB-Peak Bikes Team Lewis Morris Wrap-Up

6 July 2009 No Comment
Al Siebert took second in Cat 1 Men 30-39

Al Siebert took second in Cat 1 Men 30-39

Pablo Toribio won second in Cat 2 Men 40-44.
Pablo Toribio won second in Cat 2 Men 40-44.

The weather gods apparently love the USA, and 5 straight weeks of non-stop rain, chose to shine down on us this past weekend providing incredibly conditions for the first dry race of the Hudson to Highlands XC race series- the Lewis Morris Challenge- this past Sunday at Lewis Morris Park in Morristown, NJ.

While a number of the NYCMTB-Peak Bikes team was out for the holiday weekend, the team still showed 10-strong, and the race attendance was strangely high for a holiday weekend. Good thing, too, since this turned out to be a don’t-miss race. Gone was the timing fiasco of last year, and in it’s place we had seamless and quick registration, nice swag including pint glasses and hammer gel, and two kegs for racers to fill up those pint glasses with after the race!

The trails couldn’t have been in any better condition- tacky and fast- any more dry and they would have been dusty, and only a handful of greasy spots to worry about. Unlike many of the H2H courses, the Lewis Morris course is carefully groomed and almost completely devoid of rocks. However, it made up for that lack of rocks with tons of roots, and loose gravelly climbs that sapped energy as your tires moved beneath you. There’s a reason this race draws roadies and other “once-a-year” racers out- it’s just about the perfect first mountain bike race, as there were no sections where one might need to get off and walk through anything remotely technical.

So fast, fast, fast was the order of the day, and from the Cat 2 start the NYCMTB team took off as fast as they could. In the 19-29’s, Alex Buell and new recruit Kevin Schmitt headed out first, with Kevin grabbing second place in the first lap and holding that position through to the end and the second spot on the podium. Alex felt good and improved upon his previous results. In the 30-34’s, Luis Rivera showed off his fitness grabbing third place after the first lap then settling back into 5th place by the finish. 35-39 contender Guillaume Loize went out strong in search of yet another win (against the sage advice of his primary competition in the series), but didn’t have the legs to sustain the pace and settled into a groove that netted him 5th place. Jamie Bogner knew the course didn’t suite his strengths, but was determined to have fun and let it all out on the downhills, netting 13th of 22 (moving from 14th in the first lap to 16th in the second and re-capturing 3 places in the final lap). Pablo Toribio was riding his second brand-new bike of the season (another 29er), and apparently it provided all the magic necessary for him to land another podium spot- 2nd place in the 40-44’s. Chris Kohler landed 20th in that class as well (out of 27).

The singlespeed ranks didn’t feel the same without Daniel Ingerdal, but Stephane Courtois and Georges Rouan held it down for the team nonetheless. Stephane went out strong and grabbed a 5th place finish while Georges wasn’t far behind in 9th.

In the Cat 1 race, NYCMTB-Peak Bikes superstar Alistair “Seabeast” Siebert lived up to his name against a tough stacked field including some one-off roadies and a contingent of Pennsylvania’s fastest. Despite a waterbottle SNAFU, Al pulled out second place, and solidified his spot at the top of the Cat 1 Men 30-39 standings.

Post-race was a blast, with a fantastic vibe and the social wheels greased by kegs of Sam Adams and Heineken. It was a shame to have to leave. Big thanks to Marty’s Reliable Cycle for putting on a great race.

Team results:

Al Siebert- 2nd, Cat 1 Men 30-39, time TK
Pablo- 2nd, Cat 2 Men 40-44, 1:40:44
Kevin Schmitt- 2nd, Cat 2 Men 19-29, 1:35:14
Guillaume- 5th, Men 35-39, 1:35:52
Stephane- 5th Men SS, 1:37:18
Luis RIvera- 5th, Men 30-34, 1:38:50
Georges- 9th Men SS, 1:44:39
Alex- 10th Men 19-29, 1:47:16
JB- 13th, Men 35-39, 1:50:28
Chris- 20th Men 40-44, 1:54:32

all times are corrected for start waves

Photos of timing sheets courtesy of Joe Zurawski:

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