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Summer Sprint Race Seires #3 Results and Wrap

10 August 2010 No Comment

Round three of the Sids Bikes Summer Sprint Series was a chill way to finish the week’s grind. Twelve participants gathered to tackle drier trails in warmer temperatures this round, and not one racer elected to do the single lap race!  Way to go guys!!

Leandro Germosen had just gotten back on the bike after recovering from a broken arm, and made his inaugural appearance this week, dominating the leaderboard with his finish of 28:29!   Welcome back Leandro!

Genero Cespedes blasted through only 7 seconds later with a finish of 28:36, just ahead of Ivan Germosen who with his 30:24, put almost two minutes between himself and 4th place finisher Jonathan Chapman’s 32:21.

Matt Howard and Ran Strul battled it out for 5th and 6th places, with only a 28 second difference, while 7th place Tom Pennington and returning S.S. vet Ludovic Deriano divided their shares with 27 seconds.

Cliff Frasier came in one minute and one second faster than last week, with 39:01, and Anthony Kondrat upped his game with a double-lap finish of 43:01!

Mike Caseres and first time racer Jim Maximowicz met each other at the crossroads of misfortune and caught flats on the glass strewn section of upper Rough Ryder. One of our racers has since raked the trails, and we hope to see you two through next week!


2010 Summer Sprint Series

Name                                 Split 1   Split 2     Final

Leandro Jermosen              15:06    13:23    28:29
Genero Cespedes               14:42    13:54    28:36
Ivan Jermosen                    16:12    14:12    30:24
Jonathan Chapman             17:36    14:45    32:21
Matt Howard                      17:14    15:58    33:12
Ran Struhl                          17:03    16:37    33:40
Tom Pennington                18:56    15:15    34:11
Ludovic Deriano                17:55    16:43    34:38
Clif Fraiser                         20:03    18:58    39:01
Anthony Kondrat               20:19    22:42    43:01
Mike Caceres                     DNF
Jim Maximowicz                DNF

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