Frequently asked questions about mountain biking in NYC:

Where should I buy a Mountain Bike in NYC?
See the NYCMTB SHOP GUIDE for more information about bike shops and which brands they carry.

Can I ride in NYC Parks?
Yes. There are legal trails to ride in Highbridge Park in upper Manhattan, Cunningham Park in Queens, and Wolfe’s Pond Park on Staten Island.

What should I bring on a ride?
Ride essentials include a helmet, a spare tube , a means to fill that tube with air (either a CO2 cartridge or a hand pump), some kind of food, and water or a sports drink. Do not ever ride without proper hydration.

What’s the best bike for NYC trails?
This is completely a matter of personal preference. Some people are comfortable on bikes with no suspension, others prefer large, heavy bikes with large amounts of suspension in both the front and the rear. Your best bet is to test ride as many bikes as you can, and find a bike that fits you correctly, and feels comfortable for you to ride.

Can I take public transportation to trails?
Yes. Many trails in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County and New Jersey are accessible via public transportation. In each trail descriptions, we have included instructions on how to get to many of the trails using public transportation.

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